Brand New 14PCS Set Carpenter Saw Wood Saw Pruning Saw With Extra 8 Saw Blades Woodworking Tools Hand Saw Hacksaw Multi Purpose Bow Saw DIY Tool For Glass Plastic Tile Wood Aluminium Metal


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Want to make small models, crafts or DIY projects? Try this versatile handsaw. It has 8 different saw blades for all different projects around your house, coming with 2 tile drills. This is perfect for any small project around the house, even some large! You can use this hacksaw while installing laminate floor and sawing general wood, plastic, rubber, bone, bamboo, rope, soft metal, stainless steel, etc. The blades are very sturdy and incisive.

Multi-purpose 14-in-1 hand saw tool kit, coming with a bow saw, 8 multi-purpose saw blades, 2 center punch drill bits, 1 large wood blade screw and a user guide in the portable tool case. 
Perfect for processing wood, plastic, rubber, bamboo, tile, ceramic, stone, rope, soft metal, stainless steel, glass and PVC(flat saw blade) etc.
Multi-functional hacksaw set with light compact size and convenient operation, create something by yourself.
Widely used in construction, decoration, handicraft processing, advertising production, pruning fruit trees and other industries. 
Essential tool for hiking, fishing and other outdoor leisure activities and the average family.
Come with 1 emery sharpening saw blade for sharpening knives, blades, scissors, glasses, axes to make your tools new and cutting ceramic, tile, stone. 
Bow saw with comfortable ergonomically designed grip and 6 sizes of glass card slot for break apart different specifications of glass.
With a nice tool case adding little magnets in each slot to keep the blades in place.

Note: Please continuously add drops of water while sawing with emery sharpening saw blade, otherwise the saw blade is fast to wear and tear.

Saw Handle Material: Aluminum + PE
Saw Blade Material: High Carbon Steel
Saw Joint Material: Zinc
Saw Bow Material: Stainless Steel 
Centre Punch Material: Alloy 
Color: Orange + Silver + Black
Model: DIY Hand Saw 
①Emery Round Saw Blade: for processing ceramics, glass, tile, stone and so on
②Small Saw Blades: for processing metals(iron, copper, aluminum, etc), wood, bamboo, plastic, rubber and so on
③Emery Flat Saw Blade: for grinding knives, removal surface burr of glass, metal and so on 
④Wood Saw Screw: for fixing the wood saw blade
⑤Positioning Center: for drilling ceramic tile, soft metal and cutting glass, ceramic tile
⑥Stainless Steel Saw Bow: with aluminum handle saw frame and a small saw blade
⑦Large Wood Saw Blade: for small pruning jobs or cutting larger pieces of wood, plastics, PVC and so on
⑧Glass Cutter: special wheel design for cutting curved glass, ceramic tile and so on
Hand Saw Size: Approx. 265 * 110 * 20mm / 10.43 * 4.33 * 0.79in
Length of Large Wood Saw Blade: 215mm / 8.46in
Length of Small Saw Blades: 150mm / 5.91in
Length of Emery Saw Blade: 150mm / 5.91in
Hand Saw Weight: Approx. 164g / 5.77oz
Package Weight: Approx. 559g / 19.71oz
Package Size: Approx. 29 * 18 * 5cm / 11.42 * 7.09 * 1.97in

Package List:
1 * Hand Saw 
5 * Small Saw Blades 
1 * Large Wood Saw Blade  
1 * Emery Round Saw Blade  
1 * Emery Flat Saw Blade 
2 * Centre Punch Drill Bit 
1 * Wood Saw Screw 
1 * Tool Box 
1 * User Guide

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.