Fexport Liquid Eyebrow Pencil 3 Colors


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The eyebrow pencil with special four fork design, which is convenient, can use the brow comb the brow belore makeup and embellish the brow, let your make up more stereoscopic and natural. This kind of product is a Fexport multi-purpose eyebrown pencil 3 colors optional eyebrow pencil, waterproof, long-lasting, natural eyebrow pen set. You can gain a wonderful eye make up after use this product, you can have a try.
Usage: Firstly, sweep away to shape define the brows contour, then gently to define the brows from sparse area. Finally, use the pen fill in color by a 45 degree angle evenly to create the perfect 3D eyebrows.

There are three colors for you to choose: chestnut, brown and dark grey.
Liquid pen design, unlike the troditional eyebrow pencil no need to cut your eyebrow pencil anymore.
Latest international elegant design appearance, smooth lines and exquisite gloss and texture, provides you a comfortable experience.
The eyebrow pencil with fine design is usefully, which can be used on every eyebrow, comb your brow before makeup and establish the brow after makeup, make your makeup more stereo and natural.
There are three colors eyebrow pencil for you to choose, waterproof and sweat-proof, which is easy to color, naturally.
Designed specifically for women, the brushstrokes are delicate, easy to color, natural and fresh, no need to worried about the damage of the skin.
The unique design of the new makes it possible to sketch eyebrows easily.
You can use this product to uniform the color of your eyebrow, neutralize facial lines, make your eyebrow more three-dimensional.
Unique design and fine quality can makes your makeup long-lasting.
You can gain a wonderful eye makeup, after using this product.
Also a wonderful gift to your families and friends.

Name: Eyebrow Pencil
Color: 01 Chestnut, 02 Brown, 03 Dark Grey (optional)
Item size: 125 * 9 * 9mm / 4.92 * 0.35 * 0.35in
Item weight: 6.5g / 0.23ounce
Package size: 127 * 25 * 12mm / 5.0 * 0.98 * 0.47in
Package weight: 11.1g / 0.39ounce

Package list:
1 * Eyebrow Pencil

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.