Fingerprint Door Lock Digital Fingerprint Password Key Card 4 in 1 Lock


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*If you want a lock with multiple unlocking methods,this smart lock is a perfect choice for you.It support 4 ways for your door unlocking:card/passwords/fingerprint/keys,avoiding the embarrassment of losing your keys or forgetting the passwords.
*Fingerprint:Optical fingerprint,effective anti-counterfeit identification,100 sets of fingerprints can be stored.
*Password:6-digit password arbitrary combination,a total of 6 groups,supporting 26-digit virtual password,one-time temporary password.
*Card:4 cards(one for management card) are included,with different styles for the elderly,children use,very convenient and practical.
*4pcs AA battery for power supply(not included),in the front of the lock,if the batteries run out power,it will send low voltage alarm,you can replace the battery from outdoor easily.
*Made of stainless steel material,waterproof,highly sensitive and stable performance.The free handle can effectively protect the internal parts of the lock body and is not damaged by external forces.   
*Fashionable design,adding scores to your house decoration,three colors for your choice.

Open method:Fingerprint/Password/Card/Key
Power: 4*AA batteries(not included)
Suitable Door thickness: 38mm~110mm
Installation center distance:68mm
Lock body center distance:68mm
Fingerprint Capacity:100 sets can be stored
Average fingerprint matching time:≤3s
False accept rate:≤0.001%
False refuse rate:≤0.5%
Password:1 set for 6 digits (for security)  
Static current:<30μA
Starting current:<200mA
Front panel size:362*72*25mm
Rear panel size:335*72*25mm
Material:Stainless steel
Working environment:-20℃~40℃
Working humidity:40-85%(Non condensation)

Package Information:
Package Size: Approx.40*19.8*15.5cm/15.75*7.8*6.1in
Package Weight: Approx.3758g/8.28lb

Package List:
1* Front Panel
1* Rear Panel
1* Lock Body
1* Box of Lock Key&Lock Core
1* Lock Buckle
1* Square Shaft
1* Bag of Mounting Accessories
4* Cards(including one manage card)
1* Chinese Knot
1 * User Manual

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.