Night Light and Wireless Charger


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This wireless charger is compatible with all QI standard phones. It can charge samsung's mobile phone with quick charge of 10W, i-phone 7.5w and ordinary mobile phone with 5W. This product is provided with the function of vibrating nightlight, and there is a three-speed adjustable switch (middle OFF, left ON, right AUTO) below the product, which can flexibly control the nightlight. The specific operation is as follows: (1: when the switch is OFF, the night light will not be on, but when the phone is put on charging, the blue light will be displayed and the green light will be displayed when the phone is fully charged. The full display green only works if the phone itself supports the full turn signal) (2: when the switch is ON, the night light is in a long bright state, which can be used as a night light.) (3: when the switch is adjusted in AUTO, the warm light is on with one beat,< the best gap is 2 seconds later > second beat, the warm light and white light will be on together, and the light will be off with three beats. If there is no operation to turn off the light with additional light and three beat, the night light will be automatically put out after a few minutes < about 150 seconds >. This product is a smart night light, which is quite practical. 

High-quality chip, special capacitance for wireless charger, low temperature, high conversion rate, stable quality.
The front of the product uses acrylic 3D tempered mirror decoration, not easy to break.
In the center of the front end of the product, there is a 50mm anti-skid silica gel sheet, which is 0.3mm higher than the acrylic surface, and plays a role of anti-skid very well.
There are 4 anti-skid silica gel chips at the bottom, and the wireless charger is not easy to slide off the table.
The lighting area of this product USES the most advanced environmental protection astigmatism fire nonbreakable material, which guarantees the class of the appearance of the bottom shell.
It can be used as optical night light.

Item type: Wireless Charger 
Model: JLM-01
Input: 9.0V/1.67A   5.0V/2.0A
Output: 9.0V/1.35A   5.0V/1.5A
Charging distance: 2-10MM
Inversion frequency: ≥73% 
Charging frequency: 110-205KHZ
Selection type: Two kinds of types
Package weight: 144g / 5.07ounces
Package size: 120 * 120 * 40mm / 4.72 * 4.72 * 1.57inches

Note: Make sure the power adapter is at 5V2A or 9V1.67A and that the charging line is at 2A current to keep the wireless charger working properly. 
          Please do not use i-phone original adapter, its output is 5V/1A, which is not suitable for this wireless charger. Small current will cause slow charging, no charging, power failure, night light blinking and so on.
          The phone can be charged with a sleeve, but should not be more than 3MM thick.
          The product launch center has the function of foreign matter detection. If foreign matter is found, the wireless charger will stop charging after 1-2 minutes, and the light will flash rapidly and cannot work.
          There should be no metal or magnetic objects (such as ring buttons, bank CARDS, etc.) on the back or inside of the protective shell.  

Package list:
1 * wireless charger 
1 * User manual 
1 * USB cable

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.