Professional Studio Live Stream Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone Kit


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Superior professional condenser microphone full set can make the recordings more colorful that sounds as good on your desktop as it does in a professional recording studio. This Desktop Microphone Scissor Arm Stand is convenient and useful in recording studio. It is an economical solution to help get your best vocal recordings.

Exceptionally low self-noise for highly critical studio recording.
Offer high sensitivity to capture subtle nuances that create high-quality audio.
Microphone foam cap for preventing noise when recording vocals.
Perfect for radio broadcasting studio, voice-over sound studio, stages, TV stations, etc. 
Stable and affordable desktop type microphone stand.
Double-braced arms add strength to stand much more weight.
Foldable arms minimize transport size and easy to store. 
Scissor arms – completely flexible adjust the desired angle and height.
Adjustable clamp to mount on the desktop easily.
Dual suspension springs on each boom arm for extra stability.
With XLR male to female microphone cable.
Top quality noise protection filter with double-layer nylon mesh construction to remove plosive effectively in recording.
Adjustable clamp fixes securely to any mic stand for easy to install and convenient to use.
360 degree flexible gooseneck for precise positioning.
Shock-proof mount – firmly attach the microphone and effectively reduce handling noise.
Bonus external USB audio adapter.
Suitable for desktop and laptop that have damage audio sound card and one-audio port.
Double audio port – connect the microphone input and earphone/speaker output at the same time.

Color: Black
Polar Pattern: Undirectional
Output Impedance: 150 ±30%
Signal Noise: 78dB
XLR Cable Length: 2.5m
Microphone Stand Material: Metal
Frequency Response: 20Hz-16kHz
Load Impedance: 1000 
Electrical Current: 3mA
Microphone Material: Steel + Zinc Alloy
Desk Clamp Max. Mount Thickness: 45mm
Sensitivity: -38dB±2dB
Equivalent Noise: 16dBA
Microphone Output Interface: 3.5mm
Anti-Shock Mount Material: Plastic
Max. Length of Noise Protection Filter's Gooseneck: 370mm
Package Size: 420 * 240 * 70mm / 16.53 * 9.45 * 2.75in
Package Weight: 1521g / 3.35lb

Package List:
1 * Microphone with Microphone Cover
1 * Shock Mount
1 * Mic Stand
1 * Noise Protection Filter 
1 * Power Cable 
1 * English Manual

The product you want to order is in stock. All orders are delivered within 24 hours after they are placed.